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where are my fu**ing cheese fu**ing sun chips- nickolas wheeler - time is standing still [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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where are my fu**ing cheese fu**ing sun chips- nickolas wheeler [Aug. 23rd, 2006|11:17 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |feeling this by blink182]

Everyone needs to watch the pa on fuse if they didn't tuesday... Before you watch it you must know that everyone is mean to the PA. Well a little band called the all american rejects were on it eating lunch and the pa dude got them all the wrong stuff.... He put bacon on tyson's sandwitch and tyson doesn't eat bacon (like me lol) and they forgot nick's chips..so nick and tyson made him eat all the food it was hillarous and tyson was all like I hope you are happy cause your eating disgusts me..it was sooo funny... I'm not gonna ruin any more cause you need to watch it... But people have to be jerks to the pa cause its funny and u don't mess with aar and food cause we don't want them any skinnier lol.... So I was watching dedicate live later and I bunch of people were all pissed and like the all american rejects are jerks cause they were mean to the pa.... And it ruined tys pelvic thrusts :( lol but I don't understand this cause when 30 seconds to mars was on there jared leto cussed him out just because he was annyoing and the next day on dedicate live everyone was like jared is sooo funny and 30 secs to mars was soo kool on the pa. So why the hell are the all american rejects jerks when they were on there but jared leto wasn't. Someone watch both episodes and tell me that 30 seconds to mars wasn't mean 2 .. But anyways they show is a "mockomentary" which means it was fake (I think) so don't go on hating aar when everyone else is mean on the show and even if they are jerks they are still they awesomest.
Ok and don't make a video of you or ur little sister lipsynching to the prom song or any song its just weird and u tube has enough of them.... Lol but if u must make one don't do jesse buy nothing go to prom always pick a new hgb song... and get the new hellogoodbye cd cause its rad.... Lol I hope your drawing doesn't fall cause then my straw wrapper will break and there won't be a knot and I'll feel like I've been shot right through the heart....
I'm feeling this.....
Sorry I'm in badish mood just people are mean to aar and that's not kool...
Ps... Emma me and u should make a lip syncing vid for two weeks in hawaii and just dance around and eat ice cream and tie straw wrappers and ryme and draw... It would be kick butt lol
Pss. Sorry justin timberlake... Again