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I'm ready for it come on bring it- woo hoo- cobra starship [Aug. 18th, 2006|08:34 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |snakes on a plane by cobra star ship & bunch of other peeps]

Today was fricken awesome even though it wasn't supposed to be..... So today was the last day with my bro before he goes to college... But he's only gonna be 45 mins away so its not like that bad or anything.... Ok first I would like to thank the people at fuse for being sooo fricken awesome.....
Ok the reason today is soo awesome is because yesterday I spent like hours trying to watch the new hellogoodbye video but it wouldn't load.... So I'm watching the fricken 2nd best show ever.... Steven's untitled rock show..... And the couch is not there which I'm pissed about cause I didn't win it :(.... And steven was all like here's the new hellogoodbye video for here in your arms... (Steven I freaken love you even tho u are a liar)... This video is sooo freakin awesome... They are at this camp HolaDios in 91 and jesse looks so sexy in his shorty shorts.... Yet jesse doesn't make out with any one... but he gets really excited when everyone else does.... And if jesse wasn't like my fav member (I would be lying if I said he wasn't and ok I'm a liar then if u don't believe me but he was lol ) yeah but jesse is sooo my sexiest fav member of hgb...... And forest looks sexy cause he strips in the video! But he didn't have to strip cause he looked sooo good and had some kickass sunglasses.... And he ends up making out with some chick but I'm not sure if she was his girlfriend so I hope they didn't break up.... And marcus looks sooo awesome but.... emily you aren't gonna like this..... he gets into some serious making out with some chick (again don't think she was his girl) they are like rolling on the floor..... its sooo sexual.... But lucky for jesse while marcus is rolling on the floor he still has time to high five him... Score!! Lol and chris.... How much do you look like fricken peter wentz? But he was sooo gangster in that video I fricken love him now (ok I loved him before 2) cause he had this ghetto sweat suit and bling on in the video and was raping even tho u can't hear him!!!! Yay! Lol... But I'm mad cause forest and marcus got girls.... Chris gets accepted by the gangsters.... But what happens to jesse?lol
Then flist came on and it was amazing.... William (academy) travis (gym class) that chick from the sounds and gabe (cobra) hosted and they did movie based videos.... And I think the william is extremly amazing and gorgeous and travis is krazy. For some reason I think that gabe is gay but he is sooo fab!!!!!!!! U gotta see this episode of flist cause it is awesome! and I have some awesome news for all you aar lovers like me.... Mike k from aar said that the video for it ends tonight(yay!) will be out by the end of the month but kennerty maybe lying (lol jk he said this 2) but it might not be out till the begining of september....but w/e atleast its coming out!!! And guess who is gonna be on the vmas the real owners of sexy (not jt) tyson, nick, chris,and mike lol aar and kennerty said they made a commerical 4 it YES! YES! YES! Lol ! I'm soooo excited about the end of this month and the begining of next!!!!!!! Oooh yeah cartel was on tminus rock this morning but I only saw like 8 seconds of it :(....
So ttyl lyl
Last weekend before school that blows
Ooo and tune into fuse on tuesday for the pa cause aar is gonna be on there and that show is HILAROUS