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what made you think that he couldn't find a door in the world [Sep. 11th, 2006|12:35 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |keep it comin - oct fall]

Ello I took this survey cause I was bored.... Ok I have a question which is sexier
I'm a sucker for a guy that can rock the keys
I'm a sucker for keyboardists
I love guys that can rock the keys
Ok well here's the survey
130 Things People Want To Know About You
.: The Basics :.
Age?:old enough
Hair color?:I'm not sure its like blonde and brown and red
Eye color?:blue
shoe size?:7 and 1/2
height?:like 5 something
interests::music, poetry, and a bunch of other stuff
.: Favourites :.
food:sour cream lol
drink:mt. dew
music style:umm poppy punk or anything piano infused
music artist/band:the all american rejects
tv show:the oc or surs
movie:hitch or clueless
thing to do:jump on my couch to music
ice cream:mint chocolate chip
song:time stands still ot stab my back
book:to kill a mocking bird or gone with the wind
computer game:I dunno
board game:life or monopoly
dessert:whipped cream! lol
quote:I've never been to hell but I expect it to be this hot- jesse kurvik hgb
animal:koala bears lol
holiday:halloween or easter
.: Friendship :.:
who's your best friend?:emily
other close buddies...?:kim, kimber, and a bunch of other ppl
last friend you hung out with:kim
last friend you hugged:kimber but I don't like hugs
last friend you saw a movie with:kim
last friend's house you went to:emilys
any friends you cant stand?:yes
any friends you've regretted becoming friends with?:YES
if so, who?:I can't tell
do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?:yeah I guess
most annoying friend?:as of now aryn but idky
most preppy friend?:idk callie or aryn
darkest friend?:umm I dunno
hyper-est friend?:I dunno kimber
nicest friend?:I dunno my friends aren't nice we are all bitches lol jk
funniest friend?:emily
meanest friend?:caroline
most outgoing friend?:prob jackie
shyest friend?:I dunno
hottest friend?:idk
friend with the best personality?:I dunno kimber?
friend with the best music taste?:I guess emily only cause she likes hgb and fob
friend who sings the best?:marie
friend who laughs the most?:me
friend you enjoy being around the most?:emily or kimber
friend who your parents love?:kim
friend who your parents hate?:I dunno
friend your parents don't know about?:some kids in my theatre arts class
.: Romance :.
got a crush/boyfriend?:maybe
if so, what gender?:guys
name?:owen toomey! lol and nick wheeler! and tyson ritter! lol seriously tho not as of now
how far have you gone?:what?
with who?:I dunno
the last person you kissed::can't tell you
the last person you hugged::kimber
the last person you wanted to kiss::oboats lol I dunno
how far you do want to go (at this point in life)?:idk
hottest friend?:idk
hottest celebrity?:either tyson ritter, nick wheeler. is oboats a celeb (I love him lol)
if you could date any famous person, who would it be?:oboats! or tyson! or nick!
dream date::walking around talking and getting icecream in like the park lol
dream honeymoon::I dunno
age you want to get married (if not already):when I'm out of law school
number of kids you want to have (if not already):2 one mine and one adopted
bi?:... lol jk no
would you rather your boyfriend/girlfriend be gay or bi?:bi its darn sexy lol
.: This or That :.
Kerry or Bush:bush I guess
rap or rock:rock
pop or country:pop
movie or tv show:tv
girl or guy:guy
fire or water:water
death or life:life
cheerleader or punk:punk
prep or jock:neither
kroger or publix:?
walmart or target:target!
avril or jay-z:my man jayz lol
pink or black:pink
cheez it or cheese nip:nips!
cat or dog:dog
tape or glue:tap
msn or aim:aim
mall or movies:mall
writing or typing:typing
phone or computer:phone
baseball or football:neither
p.e. or health:health
high school or middle school:high school
dunkin donuts or starbucks:starbucks
amc or united artists:hmm. amc lol idk
walgreens or CVS:cvs
brownies or cookies:BROWNIES
reading or writing:writing
surveys or polls:surveys
livejournal or xanga:lj
Yellowcard or Ashlee Simpson:ashlee
AFI or Jojo:my girl jojo lol jk
Green Day or Beastie Boys:green day I guess
kill or be killed:hmmm is there a 3rd opt
eat or be eaten:eat
hate or be hated:be hated
ocean or pool:pool
singing or dancing:dancing
heart or peace sign:heart
halloween or christmas:both
question or answer:answer
fear factor or the o.c.:oc baby
the simpsons or who's line is it anyway?:who's line
Disney or The N:disney
pancakes or waffles:waffles
strawberrys or blueberrys:strawberries
yogurt or frozen yogurt:frozen yogurt
kiss or hug:kiss
guitar or drums:keyboard! I'm sucker for a guy on the keys
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d
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it starts eyes closed to fingers crossed [Sep. 10th, 2006|09:10 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |the 4th drink instinct- cute is what we aim for]

Hope you watched the vmas! Because the bestest band ever was there... THE ALL AMERICAN REJECts and the won some sex award or somethin from jared leto... Lol I'm not sure what it was for cause the mfer jl kept on talkin about him and some rappers sex life...lol but watch it... I know it will be impossible because mtv never plays things more than once lol... October fall didn't break up YAY! they are just on a break but oboats isn't in the band anymore.... I got the cute is what we aim for cd and its soo awesome I love it! The cover is slightly inapporpiate but the cd is awesome... You gotta get it... I love it! here's some lyrics to newportliving...

Everyone's a let down
It just depends on how far down they can go
In every circle of friends, there's a whore
The one who flirts and does a little more
But who's to say?
This is a social scene anyway

And everybody wants to explore the new girl
Caught up in her own hard liquor world
But liquor doesn't exist in my world
But liquor doesn't exist in my world

And if you lie, you don't deserve to have friends
If you lie, you don't deserve to have them
If you lie, you don't deserve to have friends
If you lie

You are a sell out
But you couldn't even do that right
So your price tag has been slash
And now you're chilling on a half priced clearance rack

You are a sell out
But you couldn't even do that right
So your price tag has been slash
And now you're chilling on a half priced clearance rack

The social scene where she gets her fix
Has been broken since '86
And just look at that social clique
Do you really wanna be a part of it?

Let's not let us forget where she gets the habit
She gets the pills from her skills
And she gets the skills from the pills

And just look at that clique
Do you really wanna be the star of it?

You are a sell out
But you couldn't even do that right
So your price tag has been slash
And now you're chilling on a half priced clearance rack

You are a sell out
But you couldn't even do that right
So your price tag has been slash
And now you're chilling on a half priced clearance rack

And if you lie, you don't deserve to have friends
If you lie, you don't deserve to have them
If you lie, you don't deserve to have friends
If you lie

You are a sell out
But you couldn't even do that right
So your price tag has been slash
And now you're chilling on a half priced clearance rack

~I'm sorry if you don't like it but you suck anyways~
Roxanna out
}ThE cUrSe Of CuRvEs{check out that song}
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your eyes got a hold on me and they've got me sinking in concrete [Aug. 29th, 2006|11:11 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |keep it comming -october fall]

I have some extremely bad news..... This is like soo sad and I feel really bad that I'm the one tellin my homies even though I know that emily is the only one who cares... Ok so you know how my love oboats (lol) quit october fall.. Well things are worse than that rumor has it that october fall broke up.... Tear.... Wipe those eyes there is a light its just a rumor but a lot of people are like positive... So hopefully its just some sluts evil joke but I dunno... The news just gets worse well for me that is the all american rejects are not coming to NC for their tornado tour which sucks more than like anything... Cause I have been looking forward to that for months and now its just not gonna happen... They are still like my favorite band ever and atleast I got 2 see them once.... But I hope they will come later... So today pretty much sucked... So I'm gonna go drown my eyes and tears and kill some sorrows with my 2 bffs (ben and jerry(I hope we have some))lol jk..... Ttyl
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where are my fu**ing cheese fu**ing sun chips- nickolas wheeler [Aug. 23rd, 2006|11:17 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |feeling this by blink182]

Everyone needs to watch the pa on fuse if they didn't tuesday... Before you watch it you must know that everyone is mean to the PA. Well a little band called the all american rejects were on it eating lunch and the pa dude got them all the wrong stuff.... He put bacon on tyson's sandwitch and tyson doesn't eat bacon (like me lol) and they forgot nick's chips..so nick and tyson made him eat all the food it was hillarous and tyson was all like I hope you are happy cause your eating disgusts me..it was sooo funny... I'm not gonna ruin any more cause you need to watch it... But people have to be jerks to the pa cause its funny and u don't mess with aar and food cause we don't want them any skinnier lol.... So I was watching dedicate live later and I bunch of people were all pissed and like the all american rejects are jerks cause they were mean to the pa.... And it ruined tys pelvic thrusts :( lol but I don't understand this cause when 30 seconds to mars was on there jared leto cussed him out just because he was annyoing and the next day on dedicate live everyone was like jared is sooo funny and 30 secs to mars was soo kool on the pa. So why the hell are the all american rejects jerks when they were on there but jared leto wasn't. Someone watch both episodes and tell me that 30 seconds to mars wasn't mean 2 .. But anyways they show is a "mockomentary" which means it was fake (I think) so don't go on hating aar when everyone else is mean on the show and even if they are jerks they are still they awesomest.
Ok and don't make a video of you or ur little sister lipsynching to the prom song or any song its just weird and u tube has enough of them.... Lol but if u must make one don't do jesse buy nothing go to prom always pick a new hgb song... and get the new hellogoodbye cd cause its rad.... Lol I hope your drawing doesn't fall cause then my straw wrapper will break and there won't be a knot and I'll feel like I've been shot right through the heart....
I'm feeling this.....
Sorry I'm in badish mood just people are mean to aar and that's not kool...
Ps... Emma me and u should make a lip syncing vid for two weeks in hawaii and just dance around and eat ice cream and tie straw wrappers and ryme and draw... It would be kick butt lol
Pss. Sorry justin timberlake... Again
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I'm ready for it come on bring it- woo hoo- cobra starship [Aug. 18th, 2006|08:34 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |snakes on a plane by cobra star ship & bunch of other peeps]

Today was fricken awesome even though it wasn't supposed to be..... So today was the last day with my bro before he goes to college... But he's only gonna be 45 mins away so its not like that bad or anything.... Ok first I would like to thank the people at fuse for being sooo fricken awesome.....
Ok the reason today is soo awesome is because yesterday I spent like hours trying to watch the new hellogoodbye video but it wouldn't load.... So I'm watching the fricken 2nd best show ever.... Steven's untitled rock show..... And the couch is not there which I'm pissed about cause I didn't win it :(.... And steven was all like here's the new hellogoodbye video for here in your arms... (Steven I freaken love you even tho u are a liar)... This video is sooo freakin awesome... They are at this camp HolaDios in 91 and jesse looks so sexy in his shorty shorts.... Yet jesse doesn't make out with any one... but he gets really excited when everyone else does.... And if jesse wasn't like my fav member (I would be lying if I said he wasn't and ok I'm a liar then if u don't believe me but he was lol ) yeah but jesse is sooo my sexiest fav member of hgb...... And forest looks sexy cause he strips in the video! But he didn't have to strip cause he looked sooo good and had some kickass sunglasses.... And he ends up making out with some chick but I'm not sure if she was his girlfriend so I hope they didn't break up.... And marcus looks sooo awesome but.... emily you aren't gonna like this..... he gets into some serious making out with some chick (again don't think she was his girl) they are like rolling on the floor..... its sooo sexual.... But lucky for jesse while marcus is rolling on the floor he still has time to high five him... Score!! Lol and chris.... How much do you look like fricken peter wentz? But he was sooo gangster in that video I fricken love him now (ok I loved him before 2) cause he had this ghetto sweat suit and bling on in the video and was raping even tho u can't hear him!!!! Yay! Lol... But I'm mad cause forest and marcus got girls.... Chris gets accepted by the gangsters.... But what happens to jesse?lol
Then flist came on and it was amazing.... William (academy) travis (gym class) that chick from the sounds and gabe (cobra) hosted and they did movie based videos.... And I think the william is extremly amazing and gorgeous and travis is krazy. For some reason I think that gabe is gay but he is sooo fab!!!!!!!! U gotta see this episode of flist cause it is awesome! and I have some awesome news for all you aar lovers like me.... Mike k from aar said that the video for it ends tonight(yay!) will be out by the end of the month but kennerty maybe lying (lol jk he said this 2) but it might not be out till the begining of september....but w/e atleast its coming out!!! And guess who is gonna be on the vmas the real owners of sexy (not jt) tyson, nick, chris,and mike lol aar and kennerty said they made a commerical 4 it YES! YES! YES! Lol ! I'm soooo excited about the end of this month and the begining of next!!!!!!! Oooh yeah cartel was on tminus rock this morning but I only saw like 8 seconds of it :(....
So ttyl lyl
Last weekend before school that blows
Ooo and tune into fuse on tuesday for the pa cause aar is gonna be on there and that show is HILAROUS
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:29 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |bonnie taylor shakedown 2k4]

Today me and emily went to warped tour and had like the best day ever... We like got there at 9 and we met this guy from a band called hey mike! And he called us pretty and weren't scary lol so we got his cd.... They use too many big words for me... Then we saw gym class heros and moneen ( we didn't know who moneen was but they were pretty kool... And we learned to never mess with a guy wearing a bruce lee shirt) and we saw pink spiders and we saw armor for sleep who were soo awesome and we saw hellogoodbye. Like when hellogoodbye was soundchecking I yelled hey marcus I love you and waved and he waved back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooo awesome cause they started the show with the theme song to dawson's creek and we learned about their new cd's sexuality and we saw his boyfriend who forest flicked off.lol. And during my fav song.... Bonnie taylor shakedown 2k1 it I was soo krazy and this guy with a foe hawk started singing to me ... so I started singing to him it was kinda weird but kool... After that we saw cartel and emily and my mom acted like they didn't know me cause I was the only one jumping but I didn't care cause will and nic are soo hot. Then we saw academy is... And we saw senses fail but we left early so we could wait in line to get hgb to sign our stuff. We waited for like ever but I was first in line ... YAY and finally they were there and I told jesse that he was awesome and I loved him and he was like thanks your cool 2... I told marcus that he was awesome but he was like yeah... cause I dont think he heard me cause I was soo nervous... And I didn't get to say ne thing to forest cause after he signed my shirt he starts blabbering in a mic and then he like licks it and shoves it in my face and then I blabbered some and then he blabbed and I blabbed and he blabbed and I blabbed....and like all this was being filmed lol but it was awesome. And emma got her cd signed and we heard billy talent tell us about bad vaginas and we learned that ppl pee in bottle caps so we couldn't get ne lids lol. And we saw some fake british mans pubs... he really needed to touch up on that shaving. Lol I frickin hated him he was rude and his fake accent rubbed off on me . Lol. Warped was soo awesome other then the sunburn and the heat.... It was like the 2nd best show ever after aar.


Sry there aren't ne pics but maybe u should of gone and then u would need to see pics.
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dream of monsters in your sleep that make you studder when you speak [Aug. 7th, 2006|12:28 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |down and out by academy is]

How are you probally not as excited as me.... Tommorow me and emily will be at warped tour YAY! Hopefully well get to see hellogooodbye and cartel and the pink spiders and the academy is... And a bunch of other kick butt bands ... But we might not be able to see them all
Here's some cartel

Who knew we'd get so far?
Cause our days were numbered by nights on too many rooftops
They said we'd burn so bright
We burn this city and go
Play it again, our games of love and lust
There's no such thing
no there's never too much
And we were so, so sure, oh we never had a doubt
Now were counting days to getting out
We were elemental, took down to bear essentials
Who knew we'd get so far?
Cause our days were numbered by nights on too many rooftops
They said we're wasting our lives
Oh at least we know, that if we die - we lived with passion
They said we'd burn so bright
We burn this city and go
Pack our bags and get away - they're catching on to us
So pack our bags and get away - they're catching on to us
And here's some hellogoodbye lovin

You promised me starry night skies
They just remind me of your shining bright eyes
I'm missing your voice at night time
This sepa-separation seem-seems a sad crime
B-b-b-but don't don't don't think think think I forgot you you you
Are are are oh so sweet I I I - I knew
If only you were here
Things would be more magical
If I was there
Right now would be more radical
You're so not near
I'm wishing I could place a call
And feel closer to you ooo-ooo
The miles of air and road and land
That separate me from all my plans
Were havin' havin' havin' havin' fun
But something something tells me I miss someone
B-but I hope hope hope you didn't forget me I couldn't
Forget you the whole time I always knew I knew
Say that you're into me, let me know how it will be
If you don't know just say so

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and will you tell all your friends you've got ur gun to my head? [Aug. 5th, 2006|08:19 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |timberwolves at new jersey]

Today was pretty crazy.... I'm still at the beach... And today a police car pulled up infront of our condo and I was like o shit what did I do.... lol then 3 ambulances pull up it was crazy. I still have new idea what happened.... Here's a kick in the friction tbs song....
Timberwolves At New Jersey

Get up, get up
Come on, come on, lets go

There’s just a few things
I think that you should know
Those words at best
were worse than teenage poetry
Fragment ideas
and too many pronouns

Stop it, come on
You’re not making sense now
You can't make them want you
They're all just laughing

Literate and stylish
Kissable and quiet
Well that's what girls dreams are made of
And that's all you need to know
You have it or you don't
You have it or you

You have it or you
You see how much time you're wastin?
You're coward of seperatin

Stop it, come on you know I can’t help it

I got the mic and you got the mosh pit
What will it take to make you admit that you were wrong?

Was his demise so carefully constructed?
Well let's just say I got what I wanted
Cause in the end it’s always the same

Lets go

Literate and stylish
Kissable and quiet
Well that's what girls dreams are made of
And that's all you need to know
You have it or you don't
You have it or you don't

This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue
And my eye through the scope
down the barrel of a gun
Remind me not to ever act this way again
This is you trying hard to
make sure that you're seen
With a girl on your arm
and your heart on your sleeve
Remind me not to ever think of you again

This is me with the words
on the tip of my tongue
And my eye through the scope
down the barrel of a gun
Remind me not to ever act this way again

This is me with the words
on the tip of my tongue
And my eye on the scope
down the barrel of a gun
I'll never act this way again

Rest the weight
I know somethin that you don't know
you've had your chance and folded

Don't hold your breath
because you'll only make things worse

Rest the weight
you've had your chance and folded

Don't hold your breath
because you'll only make things worse

I know somethin that you don't know

This is me with the worst intentions,

don’t hold your, hold your breath
Because you'll only make things worse

.... There is only like 2 more days till warped YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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is this turning u on? [Aug. 3rd, 2006|11:13 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |there's no ' I' in team]

Ok well I was at the mall today and this girl had this really awesome tbs shirt. So I went up to her and I was like where did u get your shirt? And she was like at a taking back sunday concert. And then I was really upset because my mom wouldnt let me go to a tbs concert cause their old music had "a lot" of screaming and a couple of their songs say mosh pit in them. but hopefully they will tour with aar so I can see them live & that would be a really awesome concert. Then later I was listening to my tbs cds. So I was listening to the song there's no 'I' in team and I was thinking how awesome and true it was.... It has this really awesome lyric
" Best friends means you pull the trigger... best friends means you get what you deserve"
Its like super true and if u don't agree with me your life is too perfect and I really don't like you
But its not the bestest lyric...
" Want you to die... Is this turning you on? I'm at the corner of your bed are you turned on?"
Its very sexual like all the great romances of the 20th century.lol and if u don't get that u need to go get the cd tell all your friends cause it is soo tasty and you will so love it and if u don't u suck.....
Oooo yeah By next week I will either of had someone from hellogoodbye sign my boob ( shirt) or me and teddy giger will be married cause I did prepay. And he is also a kitten ashlee simpson version of tyson who could get beat up by the jonas brothers even though prostitues are supposed to be tough.lol
And here are some pics to spread the friction.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

How many of you would like to be in that shower?
With lots of love and bubbles roxanna
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I'm sick of second chances [Jul. 27th, 2006|02:14 am]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |second chances]

Hello how aren't you...? Hopefully good. Well I haven't written in here 4 like ever cause I really have nothing to talk about... My life is about as boring as a dead pet rock who has a ass of a brother... But now I'm like super depressive cause OBOATS LEFT OCTOBER FALL.... 4 those of you who don't know who he is I guess u never will which is sooo sad.... He is the cutest piano man ever.... he was on my binder the last couple of weeks of school cause I fell in love with him and bruised my elbow at the bcaud tour because the dude was a amazing dancer... U can ask emily and kimber cause they've both seen me do it... But I am soo sad cause I'll never get to meet my beloved oboats or see him dance again.... Well kids punch your pants and try to get rid of your friction cause oboats left the building..... But maybe I'll cheer up cause I get 2 go with emily 2 warped tour and see hellogoodbye and hopefully we'll meet them and get to shimmey and find out where milk comes from with marcus and goto prom with jesse (the 2nd best piano man) .... and play with GORDIE with forest and do push ups with chris..... Ooo yeah and for all you losers who don't know who oboats is here is a pic he is the one playing the piano and the other guy is either greg or pretty boy I can't remember....http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b238/CandyClouds42/BCAUD/March2006020.jpg
Roxanna out
Ooo yeah and jesse mc cartney doesn't where undies and if u wanna get married ask teddy giger but u have to prepay lol....
And oo yeah I hope u were watching pbs sunday morning at midnite cause aar were on there and tyson look sexy as usal even tho he said he had a fat lip cause of chris....
Byes for reals this time
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